Giga Laser
What is GigaLaser?
Laser is a special type of amplified light that is monochromatic and coherent. Laser is a pure light has the ability to penetrate deep into tissue, into each individual cell. The cell absorbs the laser light and transforms it into pure energy, just like plant transform sun light into energy through photosynthesis.
Benefits of GigaLaser?
The laser light provides energy to the cells and accelerates the natural healing process. The healing time for an acute injury is reduced from weeks to days.
What condition can GigaLaser treat?
Arthritis pain, tennis elbow, muscle pain, wound heating, and inflammation
Who is GigaLaser for?
Every patients who has recently gone through arthritis pain, inflammatory disorders, sports injuries, acute injuries, and wound healing.
What to Expect?
The extra energy accelerates the healing process and strengthens the immune system. Laser therapy supports your body’s own functions and makes them happen markedly faster.